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Money from paper assets!

We can generate tonnes of money from paper assets! To make it simple, paper asset are stock, bond, and fixed deposit.

Most academicians said that the higher the risk of a paper asset the higher its potential return. For examples, stock is riskier compare to bond because stock price fluctuates more than bond price, so the potential return of the stock is higher compares to the bond. The lowest risk maybe fixed deposit, we have nothing to loose by holding it and it offers lowest return when compared to the stock and bond.

However, that was a school's logic. The new logic is we can make tonnes of money from any types of paper assets. Tonnes of money can be generated because we can choose a paper asset that offer highest return at a point of time. I mean if now in your country stock does not offer high return, usually bond and fixed deposit will (or the other way around). As an example, when Malaysia's stock market dropped into half (from around 1200 points to around 500 points) in 1997, fixed deposit offered 10% return. So, we can switch our paper investments in order to get highest return (this is a simple example, please read more about this trick!). So, in brief:

"We can generate tonnes of money through investing in paper assets given that we know where to invest at a point of time!"

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