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Warren Buffet and stock investing!

The greatest stock investor is maybe Warren Buffet. If I am not mistaken he is the second richest man in US after the founder of Microsoft - Bill Gates.

He is a conservative stock investor, his strategies (I remember only some of them) are as follows:

1. Invest in companies that he understand operationally. For an example, when people invest in companies, he decline to follow because he cant understand how companies operate, he dont understand the IT industry.

2. He invests in companies that very strong financially. He analyses companies accounting report thoroughly, then he decides to invest in companies that have financial strength only.

3. He invests in companies that has strong brand. He holds Coca Cola and Gillete stocks!

4. He believe in a company's good prospect rather than economic prospect. If a company has good potential he will invest, even though it seems that US economic prospect in general is not good.

5. Whenever he chooses to invest in a company, he will keep the company's stock almost forever like he has nothing to loose.

The most important thing is - He is the most successful! Check the website of his company: , and read his letter to shareholders of his company there (dont forget to read about him in other sources!). We can say that:

"We can learn from Warren Buffet about stock investing"

*read an analysis of Warren Buffet letters to his shareholders in:

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Arkad said...

A nice summary of some of Buffet's techniques. I've analysed a few of Buffet's letters to shareholders on my online journal if you want to take a look.

Your blog looks very interesting and I'm looking forward to having a look around (found you via myLot, by the way).

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