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5 Ways to Excel in MyLot!

Once you are a MyLotter, you can do these 5 tricks in order to make your presence is financially rewarded:

1. Give a relevant and long response. This kind of response will get '+' rate by others and will get better $.

2. Start interesting discussions. I heard that 'relationship' is one of the hottest topic in MyLot, so you can try a discussion related to relationship. If you get many replies from your discussion dont forget to rate the replies + or - and to 'mark best response' for any post that deserves it. You will get high $.

3. Upload photos or images. You can do this whenever you open your topic of interest and whenever you want to start a discussion. This is for $.

4. Choose good friends. It seems that you cant success if you are alone here. You need a team to excel!

5. Dont forget to promote your blog or website to other MyLotters. You can ask question and tips about blogging too. You know a blog can make money, please read 'money from blogging' in this blog for some tips!

"Good Luck!"
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