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Credit card: Good use of credit card!

Credit card

This is an example of a smart way of using credit card. Even though credit card has bad reputation, I meant many people bankrupt because of this card, it proves here that if we use credit card wisely we will get benefits of it. Thanks to Hgateway for his reply in MyLot:

"Hgateway (44)

For big ticket items, I normally pay by credit card for two reasons. 1. it delays my payments till end of the month and 2. I use rebate or reward card, so whatever i charge on it I got bonus back. Recently, I just used my reward points to claim a SONY digital camera.

I'm sure there are plainty of reward gas rebate card out there that you can save some $$ on high gas price. For all chages I made, I also pay all when payments comes, since it's not worth to pay such high interest for whatever the items you buy. "

Credit card

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Plastic cards said...

Yes of course the credit cards have many features. It has so may good qualities also some bad qualities.