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David Bach

If you want to be independent financially and want to do it in slow-sure ways/methods then you must read materials written by David Bach. He has many tips on how to save money, how to cut everyday expenses, and use the money that can be saved to strengthen a person's financial position. David's approach is not for a Robert Kiyosaki fan, but worth to read in order to broaden your horizon if you are one of the fan.

If you want to read articles written by David Bach for free then search 'david bach yahoo finance' (use google or yahoo search). David wrote free articles for Yahoo Finance.

And if you like to read David's book then I recommend Automatic Millionaire (see somewhere in this blog where I recommend this book to everybody). I believe this book can change a person's life!

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Tom said...

I really think David Bach is really done to earth and much more practical for the common person or family. I enjoy reading his articles every chance I get. I also find a lot of my style in his writing. Please check out my Frugal Wizard

to see more ways to save money.