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Blog review: the richest man in atherstone

It has been a while since I visited my friend's blog, Arkadmia. As stated above, the blog's name is 'the richest man in atherstone'.

Arkadmia sticks himself to an investment method which he called: Doubling My Way to a Million. What can I say about this method is Arkadmia will try hard to double his money, if now he has $10,000 then doubling it to $20,000 is an achievement. In one post he said his aim is 6 million.

This blog by Arkadmia is great. You can read many personal finance and investment articles there. Sometime later I will visit this blog again, want to read analyses of Warren Buffet's letters to shareholders, articles on free money, and controlling expenses.

Many great resources there, I recommend everybody who serious about making money to visit!


Arkad said...

Glad you like my blog, money20. Thanks for the review.

I send out a newsletter each 30 days or so which condenses my months activities into an easy to digest summary with links to the full articles. There's also a few other bits and pieces that I put in the newsletter that I don't put on the website.

If you haven't already, you can sign up for it here:

I've been browsing your website and it's very interesting. I think I'll be popping back regularly :)

The Richest Man in Atherstone

salam said...

I have signed something in your blog. I think it was an e-book about 'double your money'. Great stuff you got there!