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The winning investment habits of Warren Buffet and George Soros: A book review

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I fell blessed as I have read a book with the above title. There is a note on the book cover that said 'International Bestseller', I have no doubt it is true.

This is a new book published in 2006. It summarized habits of two most successful investor in the world - Warren Buffet and George Soros. These two hold to very different approach in investing, Warren is very conservative and Soros is very aggressive. Yet, the author of the book, Mark Tier, has proved that they share some similar fundamental habits.

I found that, as a whole, what Mark Tier trying to tell is both Warren and George have an investment system. They are very sure when to buy an stocks, when to hold, and when to cash profit. Both Warren and George will do everything to ensure that they will not loose their capital instead of will do everything to ensure their investment will produce highest return. And both of them have a mentor and they keep improving their system rigorously. Too much to say in a short post.

Whoever serious in investing whether in stock, real estates or whatever has to read this book, Mark Tier book is a wave!

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I too have read the book and find it very very educating. In fact I have dedicated a post in my blog too for this book!

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