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Proton Exora Personal Review and Complain! Proton Exora Review dan Komplen!

Proton Exora

Proton Exora Review. Proton Exora is the latest model of MPV of Malaysian car manufacture - Proton. I believed there are many positive Proton Exora Review, some dubbed Proton Exora is the best Proton ever made. Below is my personal Proton Exora Review:

'I have seen the newly launched Malaysian made Proton Exora today.

In overall, I think the car is nice. This is an obvious improvement of Proton. The Proton that I have, which is 12 years old, is poorly made. The exterior is satisfactorily but the interior does not look nice and wear and tear prematurely.

The Proton Exora on the other hand looks fairly solid, properly design, and has interesting gadgets. The design of the interior is properly done. Under the skin is the improved Campro CPS 1.6l. With its price, I really believe that this MPV can compete with others in its class.

The exterior is a bit disappointment. Proton Exora looks bulky, looks like a fat unhealthy guy. Who wants to make friend with a fat unhealthy guy? I think I could and should say something about this because I am a Proton's shareholder.

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I think, I think people Malaysian and others love car that looks solid and feels solid. Solid looks and feels reflect the quality/goodness of the car. Isnt it a solid looking man is a reflection of a good man? Is Proton Exora looks solid from outside? I don't think so, but from inside I think it is very well for its class. Does Proton Exora feels solid? I don't know (I should drive it).

Considering that this is a first MPV from Proton then Proton deserves a praise. Congratulation Proton, this is a giant step further for you. I believe the future MPV model would be a lot better. Proton has improved a lot since the new CEO takes the helm.

To conclude that my view is 'if it does not look solid and feels solid then it is not good car'. If you allow me to add, I think a good car is a car that has simple 'system' and the system works very well, a complex car (or other toys) is always frustrating! (the photo is from'

Proton Exora has been received well by Malaysian. I see many Proton Exora on the road nowadays. Maybe all the weaknesses of the earlier version of this MPV have been tackled by Proton. Proton Exora, all the best for the Malaysian car manufacturer.

Proton Exora


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