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Credit card and it tricks!

A friend of mine told me many people traped in a credit card debt. Credit card had been discussed by many personal finance experts. I summarized their advices here:

Credit card goods:

1. Help we make cashless transactions. By having credit we dont have to bring cash everywhere we go, cash can be stolen. As example, when we travel to oversea we need a credit card to pay hotel bill, ticket etc; dont have a credit card may means trouble.

2. We can buy things from internet.

3. It is an instant overdraft.

Credit card bads:

1. If we cant control ourself, we will end up spend more than we suppose to. We will traped in debt then.

2. Even several hundreds dollar credit card debts could mean a trouble because credit card is subjected to normally at least 18% interest per year.

So, what should we do to our credit card? cut and burn it? Some experts suggest we should keep our credit card. See the goods that the card offers above, it made the card indispensible. But we have to be very careful, the trick is:

"Be smart, dont use credit card to harm ourself, but use the card to enjoy the benefits that it offers!"

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