Need More Information On Printable Fake Money?



This is not new - we will get back what we give, in fact more than what we have given.

I personally believe that we will get at least ten times whatever we give. For an example, if we give $10 to charity or give for other good thing then we will get back $100, maybe in the form of unexpected salary increment or other unexpected ways. An author of a personal finance book says that what we give will multiply; he says if we give $1 not we will get back $2 ($1 + $1) but we will get $11 (1+1 = 11) in return! And we will feel very good after we give.

Not necessarilly giving cash, we can give free promotions for our friends' websites, books, or give ideas or even just a smile - we will be rewarded. Readers may refer books written by R Kiyosaki and Mark Victor Hanson and others, they listed the goodness of giving. In sum:

"Give and we will get more!"

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