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Google Adsense

Printable fake money

Google Adsense (GA) is the most popular among bloggers. Friends of mine reported they made good money through GA. When you see a blog contains (1) Google advertisements, (2) a Google search box, and/or (3) a link to GA registration web (such as this blog), you then should know that the blogger made money through GA (yes I am)!

A blogger earn some money everytime a visitor:

1. Click any Google advertisement

2. Search using the Google box

3. Click the link GA registration web and registered as a GA member (referral)

So, why wait? You have a blog arent you? Then click the link (an icon) that written 'Generate revenue from your website with Google Adsense' under this blog's Money Making Links! and start making money through GA!

Printable fake money

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