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REITs (printable fake money)

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I am very interested to invest in REITs. If I am in my home country now, where most of my cash parks, then I definitely will invest in this.

REITs, in a simple way, is quite similar to mutual funds. While mutual funds are 'people's money invested by fund managers in shares or bonds', REITs are 'people's money invested by fund managers in real estates'.

I don't have many cash and experience to invest in real estates directly, so REITs is the way for me!

Is there anybody out there make good money from REITs?

printable fake money

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Matt said...

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Yours is good too. How much have you made off of gainmail?

salam said...

Thanks for visiting Matt.

I did not make much from gainmail because I am quite busy with my study nowadays. But everytime I visit my gainmail account there are many advertisemnt waiting for me. I believed if I click all the adverstisemnt everyday, I will make quite good money!

I will visit your blog soon Matt.


Matt said...

thanks for checking it out. I've found hits4pay to help me a lot. I used to advertise clixsense, but you only earn money from your referrals when they make a purchase, which is lame.

Good luck on your earnings!

salam said...

Good luck matt.