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New Zealand, the place to make easy money! (printable fake money)

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I live in New Zealand temporarily, most probably I will stay here for another two years. I enjoy every bit of New Zealand. New Zealand people in general are good, the place where I live now is a small nice city, and New Zealand is a land of natural beauties (CLICK HERE to see what New Zealand looks like).

How can New Zealand be a place to make easy money? The answer is the interest rate in New Zealand is the highest among developed countries. Park $10,000 (the more the better) in your fix term account and it will breed fast as. The best thing about fix deposit is its interest will not fluctuate.

What I have done was I parked 'an amount of NZ dollars' in a high interest saving account, they called it internet saving account here. The interest is 8.4% compounded everyday! The rate that you can only dream of in other country. The interest rate in US now, as far I know, is less than 5% (correct me if I am wrong). If I have $10,000 in my account, in one year the interest income that I will get is around NZ$900. Not bad given that my money work for me rather than I work for it!

Maybe you can park your money in New Zealand too, you better check!

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printable fake money

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