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Does your hobby makes money?

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I see many people around me make money through their hobby. A person who once was my neighbour has a small hobby of framing dry flowers. She put the flowers in a beautiful way, framed it and give it to friends. Later, people see it as interesting and start making orders.

Now, the last time I heard about her that she was in a dilema. The dilema of to continue her full time job or do the flower framing full time. The money she got from her hobby is as good as her full time job salary. What a nice problem, her hobby makes money for her, I believed many people wish they have the dilema that my neighbour has!

My hobby is collecting stamp (also any beautiful resit, notes etc). I am not very serious, that is if I found a beautiful stamp I will keep it. People say 'stamp collecting is a hobby of the king and stamp collecting is the king of hobby', how nice.

I collect stamp because I think the era of paper will end soon. People use email now, some people use prepaid envelope, etc. How long traditonal stamp will last? I think it will not last long. Sooner or later there would be only barcode left on our envelope. Like paper money (notes) is used less and less now, people use ATM card, credit card, internet banking to pay for goods and services that they buy.

So my hope is when the paper era ends, I have stamps, notes etc in my collections. At that time I can sell my paper collection for a handsome markup! ha ha ha wish me luck!

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