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My comment on Mahathir Mohamad's blog

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Just to share my view (in broken and edgy English):

Tun, I think that the only good party for Malay is UMNO and PAS. UMNO fights for Malay right. And PAS fights for Islam/Muslim right which is also we can say as Malay right. Malay will do well if one of these parties leads Malaysian government.

It feels that PKR is just a 'substance' in the colon of Malaysian history. PKR has the heart to sell Malay special right to gain Chinese and Indian acceptance. Very sad to see many Malay support PKR, one day they will regret this.

UMNO now is in its weakest condition. Instead of acting as the leader for MCA, MIC, Gerakan etc, now its acting almost like a puppet for these pendatang parties (or being bullied by these pendatang parties?).

We can see that UMNO need a strong leader. A leader who understand the philosophy of UMNO, who admired by people, who is one step ahead of people. It seems like the current leader of UMNO does not even know what is the real current issue and please dont say about the future. The leader likes live on day to day basis.

PAS has the strongest point - PAS fights because of Allah. Things that Allah told PAS will try to follow and things that Allah forbid PAS will avoid. For example, Allah asks not to do money politic so PAS did not do it. But, PAS always made short sited decision, action and statement. This makes people a bit inconvenient to support PAS.

Also, PAS made a wrong decision when it takes PKR and DAP as a friend instead of UMNO (its only relative). What a loss of time and energy.

If you ask me I will say that I will love to see strong UMNO and PAS. I think if there is such thing as dual party system in Malaysia I would like to see the parties are UMNO (plus its alliance) and PAS (plus its alliance). I dont want to see PKR and DAP as a major party.

So, the stance is its either we choose UMNO or PAS to support and play a supportive role for the chosen party. UMNO is too weak to accept critiques, if we criticize UMNO I think it would not last long. PAS is too dumb to accept critique, they in PAS dont have an open mind. Thats why we have to choose either UMNO or PAS and support it (for the sake of Malay survival). What do you think Tun?

- this comment has been published in Tun Mahathir Mohamad blog ( on January 23, 2009

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