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Custom Play Money: Easy Way to Put Your Face on 1 Million Dollar Bill!

printable fake money

Custom play money is a kind of printable fake money. If you need play money for special event, to replace lost board game money, or money that has your portrait on it then you should look for custom play money. Custom play money is for you to play creative.

I have reviewed several companies that sell custom play money in the internet. They are very good at it. The possibilities are you can:

1. put your face on 1 million dollar bill
2. choose almost unlimited money template
3. a variety of paper types
4. dual sided/single sided custom money option
5. lamination for greater money life span
6. serial number for extra security
7. color/monochrome custom play money option
8. deliver to your address hard custom play money or you can order PDF file play money
9. one company has ‘money design wizard’ so you can design the custom play money that you want and the company will print it for you
10. at least one company accept paypal to do payment
11. many more..

Custom play money, the sky is the only limit. Custom play money is sure fun; the challenge is how to use custom play money to generate real money. Custom play money is a matter of a mouse click!

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printable fake money

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