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Printable fake money: 10 legal ways to use printable fake money!

Printable fake money

Printable fake money is free for everybody to use*. You don’t want to use printable fake money to fool your local grocer or your local bank don’t you (this is illegal)? You don’t want to do that that because you know it is illegal and it is not really funny if somebody else fools your friend or family using printable fake money. See what I get for 10 smart ways to use printable fake money:

1. Use it to teach your kids (or adult alike) to count money. Counting money is a happy time. I did not mean the time you count the money left before your pay day but on the day you get the pay. Printable fake money is useful for people having difficulty to count real money.

2. Printable fake money is very useful if you like to play monopoly. Maybe the fake money that comes with the game is not fun so you print your own version of fake money. Or even you design your own version of the game and need printable fake money to play it.

3. To complement your party costume. There would be a time for you to play millionaire or even a pimp. So, use the printable fake money to make the act looks real!

4. To eliminate your addiction to gamble. This is the best. Call your gambling buddies to your home, give them several hundreds thousands of printable fake money each, and don’t wait but gambling with their whole heart. Nobody get rich from gambling except the casino.

5. A good gift idea. If you have a friend whose ambition is to become a millionaire then printable fake money is probably a good side birthday gift. There is a company out there that sell printable fake 1 million USD notes, buy one or two, frame it, and it becomes almost a perfect gift for the millionaire wannabe!

6. Printable fake money is also useful when to want to do promotion for your business. How about giving $1,000 note printable fake money to a potential customer instead of typical pamphlet? He will surely jump with joy even though he knows at the back of the fake money is advertisement about your company or product.

7. You can also use printable fake money as a motivation for yourself. Print a 1 million dollar note of printable fake money, frame it properly, and hang it in your working room. There you go, what a good thing to push you to work harder and smarter!

8. If you are a teacher then you can use printable fake money in your classroom. Teach the young kids to open a ‘fictional’ business. They would be very happy to learn the way business set the profit percentage, to count the profit, and learn not to loss in business. Also, teacher can ask them to play parent too. Let the kids knows how hard it is to pay loans, bills, grocery, and kids allowance and also pay for emergency expenses.

9. This is a funny one. Ask your local printer to make printable fake money that has your face on it, instead of Ab Lincoln or Ben Franklin. The other side of it writes your promise to increase the standard of living of people in your town. Use this printable fake money in mayor election campaign, you should be a candidate. Can you be a sure winner?

10. Printable fake money is good when you need to train a new cashier in your shop (or even a new banker!). Sometimes it is quite difficult for this newbie to handle the cash register machine and train them using real money is a risk to you. Then, the printable fake money is handy for this purpose.

Just to remind that the printable fake money that we talked about here is the legal or legitimate one. You know how to use the printable fake money in a smart way. Get for yourself copies of printable fake money now!

* subject to the nature of usage and to your local laws and regulation.

Printable fake money


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