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Counterfeit money pens (printable fake money)

Printable fake money

Fake money causes a lot to individual and business. Easy victim include small retailers. It happens especially in the busy hour when the customer queue is long and money needs to be changed quickly. It could happen to busy individuals too.

Counterfeit pens is the quick solution. The way it functions is simple. Counterfeit pens use iodine-based ink. The counterfeit pens show minimum discoloration when applied to genuine money. This is because the cotton fiber-based paper of the genuine money does not contain starch that reacts to iodine.

When apply to fake money, the counterfeit pens would leaves dark or even black mark. The starch in wood-based paper used to print the fake money reacts to the iodine ink.

Again, it is important to protect yourself and your business from the risk of fake money.

Counterfeit money pens is easy to use, easy to cary, and relatively cheap. Counterfeit money pens are sold in the internet for you to get one.

printable fake money


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