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Kids play money (printable fake money)

printable fake money

Kids play money is a form of printable fake money. Kids play money is for teaching kids to know, counting, and sorting money. Kids play money is great for home game and classroom, for fun and also for learning. It involves notes in denominations of 1, 5 and 10 and higher and also coins.

Kids play money is useful in at least four activities:

1. To play grocery store. The way to play is, firstly, print fake money and then take some stocks such as can foods, biscuits, snacks, etc. Teach your kids to pay for what she wants. Kids could learn basic selling and buying through this.

2. To play banks. This one needs you to create a bank book. Show the kids the way money is deposited and withdraw from a bank account. This kids play money activity would encourage kids to save and invest money.

3. There are also set of kids play money sold in the internet. One of the sets is kids play money post office set. It includes weighing scales, post box, cash drawer, play date stamp, coins and notes, numerous magazines, newspaper titles, stamps, envelopes, and post cards.

4. The kids play money set of sweet shop offers more fun for kids. It comes with sweet jars, scoop, real sweets, lollypops, cash drawer, and notes and coins. Will keep kids happy for hours.

Kids play money is a great tool to introduce early money or finance education to your kids. Many kinds of kids play money sets available in the internet. Don’t wait, get one or more kids play money set for your love one!

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printable fake money

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