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Fake Money: 5 Signs the One that You have is Fake Money! (printable fake money)

printable fake money

Fake money is a great cost to individual and society. The flood of fake money can cause serious damage to economy of a country. The fake money can make the whole money in the circulation becomes worth less then its actual value. In fact, there are countries that use fake money to defeat enemy in the time of war.

Fake money usually comes in the form of notes of $100, $50, and $20. One dollar notes and coins is less worthy for counterfeiters to work on.

There are 5 signs that one in your hand is fake money:

1. It simply different from the genuine money. Take money that you sure genuine and compare with one that you suspect fake. For low quality fake money, at a single glance you will realize the different. A magnifying glass might help too.

2. See the portrait. Pay close attention to the details of the portraits. Genuine money will have a much clearer and finer looking portrait. The portrait in fake money typically appears dull or has a less lucid appearance.

3. Inspect the Federal Reserve and United States Treasury seals. Genuine money will have seals that sharp, arrow-like border which is distinct and much defined. Seals on fake money, on the other hand, usually blur.

4. Look for watermark. Watermark is an image which appears on genuine money when you hold it in front of light. Watermark usually matches the portrait and the denomination. Watermark is costly for counterfeiters to make.

5. The feel and smell of it. Trust yourself, feel the paper. You are very used with genuine money, you know the paper. Genuine money use special paper and it feels of high quality then the ordinary paper. If the money is new then smells it, in my place new genuine money smells shity (but nice!).

To be more certain you may need fake money detector. There are many types of them ranging from practical and cheap to sophisticated and pricey. Fake money detector is sold in the internet; get one that meets your business and your need.

printable fake money

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