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Printable Fake Money: Printable fake money for extreme family education

Printable fake money

Printable fake money is great for promotion, gift, campaign, and education. Printable fake money is cheap and easy to get from the internet. Here is the idea to use printable fake money for extreme family education.

If your children are not boys and girls from heaven then you may need extreme education. Lazy bums, rude and irresponsible behavior make you sick and most importantly these problematic behavior should not be carried by the children to their adulthood. This idea is especially good if you are either full time mum or dad as it may require close monitoring.

Printable fake money is to be used in this extreme family education, get enough copies of them. The philosophy is to teach children responsibility i.e. as in the real life, they have to work for money and they have to pay for what they want. You can start with a simple system. The system of how the children can get (printable fake) money and the system for them to pay for what they want. For example:

To get (printable fake) money:

1. Do school homework - $10
2. Do the chores - $5
3. Do the laundry - $5
4. Clean dad’s or mum’s car - $10

Things to pay:

1. Breakfast, lunch, dinner - $5 each
2. TV /games - $5 per hour
3. Night outing - $10 per hour

You can design the system that suits you situation and needs. Professional counselor or psychologist may have better says than the idea that I revealed here. Be flexible and considerate, try to make this system fun rather than makes it unnecessarily stressful. After all, effective education for children is education with love, patient, and perseverance.

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Printable fake money

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