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Top 10 Kids Play Money (Printable Fake Money)

printable fake money

One application of printable fake money is kids play money. Kids play money is a great use to teach kids money. Using play money you can ask kids to play grocery store, or play bank, saving and investing, etc the idea is endless. Through this you can teach kids about counting money, profit and loss, strategy, and other good values. There are many good kids play money in the market and this time I present to you Top 10 Kids Play Money sets:

1. Learning Resources Cash n' Carry Wallet
- you can use this kids play money set to teach kids many things about money. it is not a board game so you can use it in many ways.

2. Learning Resources Pretend & Play Checkbook with Calculator
- your kids like to make a mess of your check? this is for you, give the kids their own checkbook and wish they pay bills for you :)

3. Monopoly: The Mega Edition
- this kids play money set is not the ordinary monopoly as the board is 50% larger and it has many new things such as depots, skycscrapers, speed die, and bus tickets.

4. Moneywise Kids
- this a new game, it teaches kids to change money and budgeting

5. A Christmas Story Monopoly
- monopoly game developed based on the popular movie 'A Christmas Story'

6, 7, 8, 9, and 10.

* this Top 10 Kids Play Money sets list is made loosely based on Amazon bestselling kids play money. feel free to click the picture, you may like them.

Kids play money, to get one is a wise decision. What is more important than teaching kids about money because a person would deal with money as long as he is under the sun. Lucky, with the Internet good kids play money set is just a matter of a mouse click or two.

printable fake money

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